Evaluate Your Process

As each year begins, what a great time to evaluate some of your processes and systems, so that you and your team can get a jump start on the new year. What a great year it will be.

If you don't agree with me, then this year probably could have been better for you. We want you to have a great year. Let's look at one way, that can affect this year to start with.

What goes in our minds will come out through our actions towards our problems and challenges that we struggle with on a daily basis. It can affect our relationships also. Therefore lets see how we filter that information we are bombarded with each day.

When we are asked to do something from a supervisor, family member, or friend, we want to put it through a few tests before our mind accepts and approves it. Is it Legal? Is it Ethical? Is it moral? Is it Normal for this person to be requesting this of me? Now if the answer is yes to all of the above, then there is not any resistance in our thinking and we will most likely carry out their request. But we need to be aware when one of the answers is a no. We can talk about each one at another time , but for now I want to take you to another "level of ownership" for the request that was made to you.

Any request asked of you in your place of business is typically because that person does not know how to do it, or they feel it is simply your job and maybe even they feel you are not engaged enough at work, and this is a way to get you involved deeper into a project or event.

What we need to ask our self is: Am I an expert or do I need additional information to carry this out? Could I have done what is being requested of me without actually being asked? Should I have completed this task without being asked?

TIP: When using a to-do or task app, use one that does not delete the old task list, but one that just marks out that it is done, so you can go back and review later. Many tasks are repeated tasks and can be copied to another day. Also this is important for your weekly review.

As we "step up" in our personal leadership mindset, our peers and our supervisors see a change in us. Sometimes these changes will even get us more tasks and responsibilities because of the little known fact that If you want a job done, give it to a busy person to do it.

I leave you with this until next time. Seek out and own responsibilities that have been given to you in the past and ask yourself, Was I commended for it in the past? Could I learn from a peers way of completing this task?

Remember: Always be Deliberate!