168 hrs. = 3 hrs. of Fun (Planning)

All of our time is spent doing something.


With 168 hrs. a week and one third sleeping, one third working, that roughly leaves 56 hrs. for everything else, we call our life. It takes 2 hrs. a day to wind up, then wind down. That leaves 6 hrs. a day, then subtract the chores and tasks we must do removing three more hours a day. In my world the remaining three hours is my protected time, that everything else must "time-interview" for. In my space I deliberately make a choice to protect an hour of that for being creative, and problem solving.

We all do this "time-interview" subconsciously, as it is really, just quick thoughts about weighing all the wants, needs, tasks and projects on our immediate plate. The situation that becomes challenging is our brains can't remember everything. We will even convince ourselves we have a good memory and its not a problem to keep all the details in our heads. But now without all the correct data, it's no wonder we let other peoples situations and priorities dominate our time.

Isn't the person your working with important enough to give special time and attention to?

Yes, they are.

Sometimes a business will put someone on the front lines to speak and communicate that business to the public, but the person that they choose is not always effective, by not having good communication skills. The particular task at hand needs to have careful consideration drawn to it so the conversation or speech can be understood. Just like the task or project at hand deserves the best you have, for all involved.

I will share this challenge with you that I am also working on. It goes like this: What word or phrase do I use in conversation that throws the topic off, making it difficult for the other person to actually listen, after that word or phrase came out.