How to be a Little More Deliberate

Go enjoy being deliberate--

As the years pass I notice it takes being a little more deliberate about actions to out-weigh my need to just sit, relax and read. Reading is a nice escape, however, few tasks get done. I was raised to be responsible and it feels good to be that person, but each one of us look at how being responsible plays out in our daily lives. For the most part I work Monday - Friday with weekends on-call. I have a strong conviction that my weekends are needed for relaxing, family time and being a little creative.

One of the joys of planning and writing everything down frees my mind and lets me be deliberate.

Brain power to remember things, and "working memory" are limited for most people including me. I can free this brain space up, to use, being creative, solving life's problems, and cultivating relationships by writing down my tasks and thoughts, so there's a freedom to think, not spending the energy to "remember".

Another joy to planning and writing things down is working on the right task at the right time. As a natural progression of planning and reviewing priorities, instead of emergencies, will now be the focus.

You are not living in a negative space when you ask yourself questions while planning like, what could go wrong. That's just smart planning. If there are too many cue's that this - that - or the other could really disrupt your plan, then put it on the back burner until more thought and scenarios can be played out.

Some things I'm deliberate about.

When it's someone else's time I'm dealing with, I try to give my undivided attention. I've had to work on this as it really did not come natural in the beginning.

When I take one of those beloved naps, I silence my phone completely because it's my recharge and restore time.

Phone calls are a touchy subject as they are a direct interruption to what you were doing as the phone rang. That's not say you wouldn't welcome an interruption on what the phone call is about, as it might be more important then what you were doing, I'm just saying you have the power to make that choice. Being deliberate can be saying No to the interruption and Yes to the person by getting back to them on your terms.