Planning will not only allow you to allocate the the hours available to spend how you wish, this remarkable process will develop a type of focus that could be missing from your life.

Plan with Notion

Plan with Evernote

The Reason.....I Plan

11 Reasons Everyone Can Use

  1. Helps me stay organized, get current and clear with tracking projects, and enables a weekly review by having the details of the week in front of me.

  2. Helps with team collaboration and prioritization throughout our daily operations, and brings clarity to solving problems that I'm responsible for.

  3. Helps me list out everything I could do, then narrow it down to everything I should do.

  4. Helps me turn problems into projects by getting clear about the next step, setting reminders, and moving forward.

  5. Helps me to simply remember my customers names, keep track of conversations for proper follow-up.

  6. Helps me with strategy and forecast planning, to know what situations and conversations to get in front of.

  7. Helps me bring the details forward, for figuring out the right problem to solve and enables a proper AAR - After Action Review, and AWR - After Week Review.

  8. Helps me craft my day and my week to bring the highest value to my customers day after day, and align with their vision for a cleaner focus and understanding of what's important to them.

  9. Helps me meticulously plan my 168 hours a week to bring the best I have to my family, my customers, and my company. To balance and counter-balance tasks and projects that are energy intensive throughout the day.

  10. Helps to better define activities that Support my roles as a team member, an employee, a husband and father.

  11. Helps keep me from multitasking and drives highly focused and time blocked single tasking, through planning and prioritization.

  12. And most importantly this helps me realize that all time is not equal, by doing the right thing at the right time.

  • Minimize driving time during open business hours.

  • Spending a few extra minutes to visit and develop or cultivate a relationship.

  • Performing a preventive maintenance type of work, to prevent future calls for same issue.

To be the best I must use my best abilities, and recognize inefficiencies in my systems and processes to improve upon. Like the old adage says "If you want more of something, make it easier"

My goal is to keep my company with a seat at the negotiation table.

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How to be a Little More Deliberate

So now I had given myself permission to juggle apps so I could handle juggling life.

During my Weekly Review, I search #BIGWIN and see what I listed as a big win for the week.

Lets be certain about something. If you continue the task or not, the time will still pass.

Putting our plans down even if for a day, gives us the ability to relax because our brain no longer needs to remember and juggling our task list with what was completed, and what the next steps were.

What goes in our minds will come out through our actions towards our problems and challenges that we struggle with on a daily basis.

Am I an expert or do I need additional information to carry this out?

Brain power to remember things, and "working memory" are limited for most people including me.

I'm just saying you have the power to make that choice. Being deliberate can be saying No to the interruption and Yes to the person by getting back to them on your terms.